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Soft Washing

If your home needs soft washing, contact BNB Window Cleaning LLC today. Soft washing incorporates cleaning agents along with lower water pressure to remove grime, mold and dirt from various surfaces. This method is safer for softer materials and will not peel paint, cause dents, or remove surfaces.

Soft washing uses much less water than pressure washing and can be more effective for the long term because the cleaning agents can kill and eliminate mold or mildew, preventing them from recurring.

Soft washing is good for wood siding, stucco, window screens, cedar shakes, wood decks and more. It provides a softer pressure and it won't damage your property. Maintenance through routine cleaning is the best method of preventing your property from degrading. When it comes to soft cleaning, soft washing offers our customers an effective means of removing dirt, oil, stains and grime.

At BNB Window Cleaning LLC, we proudly offer residential cleaning, window washing, and other building maintenance services. For soft washing services, contact BNB Window Cleaning LLC in New Braunfels, TX today. We deliver nothing less than the best in cleaning services